NEW Shingles Remote Dial-In

Friday 10th Sep 2021

We get many questions about the Shingles vaccination service, it is one that has caused a great deal of confusion in previous years and it is now worth more to practices than ever before due to it being a V&I Indicator within QOF as well as an enhanced service; patients turning 80 this year who you vaccinate will fall into both funding streams. You will get paid £10.06 for administering a shingles vaccine and the patient will then be part of the achieving cohort in VI004 in QOF. The 10 points available for this indicator is worth £2,016 to the average practice (9000 patients).

Due to the confusion and based on practice requests, we have a new shingles dial-in service which includes all the reports you need to be able to maximise your claims and ensure all eligible patients get invited for their vaccination. Our dial-in includes an ‘eligible cohorts’ section and a ‘claims search section’ to help you validate your claims on a monthly basis. The Searches that are Included:

Eligible Cohorts:

  • Patients aged 70-79 - not immunosuppressed and not vaccinated
  • Patients aged 70-79 - immunosuppressed and not vaccinated - this search is then split into 2 cohorts for patients that need a first or second Shingrix vaccination
  • Patients who turned 70 last month - not vaccinated - patients who have just entered the eligible cohort, personal invites can then be sent to these patients
  • Patients who are turning 80 next month - not vaccinated - these patients have limited time left to be vaccinated, we recommend practices recall them ASAP
  • Patients who are turning 80 this year - not vaccinated - these patients will help you achieve the VI004 indicator as well as generating payment for the ES and are only eligible for the vaccine for a limited amount of time

Claims Searches:

CQRS Indicator searches for SHROU002, SHROU003 & SHROU004 for you to validate your auto extractions to ensure they are correct and accurate

Non-members - £50 inc VAT (£41.67 + VAT)

Members - £45 inc VAT (£37.50 + VAT)

This service can be ordered on our website -

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