New financial incentives for the apprenticeship scheme

Saturday 7th Aug 2021


One of the government plans to kickstart the economy is great news for the apprenticeship programme! Any employers who take on a new apprentice will now have additional financial help. Employers will receive £3,000 for new employees of any age who start their apprenticeship from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021

The quality of applicants we are currently receiving for apprenticeships is higher than ever before. This may well be due to young learners deciding to go down the apprenticeship route rather than further education/university.

In addition, the government are still subsidising 95% of the training costs for existing members of staff.

For more information on apprenticeships or training for existing members of staff, please contact Julie on 01527 557407 or email The incentive scheme is time-limited to act now to ensure you do not miss out.

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