Investment & Impact Fund (IIF) PCN Achievement Toolkit

Sunday 3rd Jan 2021

Investment & Impact Fund (IIF) PCN Achievement Toolkit

Are you struggling to set up the IFF searches for your clinical systems & share them across your PCN?

Are you struggling to understand how your PCN is achieving against the IFF indicators?

Consistent searches across your PCN (especially where you have different clinical systems) will ensure, at the end of the year when data is extracted via GPES, you do not have any nasty surprises! This is no competition, more than ever practices across a PCN will need to work together to help and support each other. Having this data available at your fingertips will ensure you are much better equipped to achieve your PCN IFF targets - worth over £20,000 to the average sized PCN (42,080 patients). You will be able understand areas where practice’s in your PCN may be struggling and where additional resources are needed to help achieve.

IIF PCN Toolkit includes the following:

  • Clinical system searches for all 6 indicators (based on the coding detailed in the guidance document) - searches will be remotely installed into each practice in the PCN
  • Practice Tracker - see details below
  • PCN Tracker - see details overleaf
  • PCN/Practice Overview Training - this will be delivered via Teams to ensure you get the most out of your toolkit
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