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Helpful Hints & Tips - Best Practice

Tuesday 3rd Jul 2018

Revaxis-You can still claim for Revaxis on an FP34D, however you also need to print out a prescription for your claim.

DOCMAN -You only require a licence on the PC’s you are using Intellisense on - so don’t think you have to pay extra for licences on every PC.

GDPR Printers-On many printers if you hold the go/print button down for 4 seconds it will automatically re-print the last documents. If you have printed a sensitive document we recommend you power the printer down or switch it off to clear the memory. It is easy for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands...

Dementia risk-To be included as part of NHS Health Check. Healthcare professionals in GP surgeries and the community will soon give advice on dementia risk to patients as part of the NHS Health Check

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