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Flu Vaccines for 65+

Monday 1st Oct 2018

There have been reports of supply problems for the new over 65’s flu vaccine FLUAD - in some cases it has been reported practices will not be getting any supply at all. The vaccine manufacturer Seqirus has said only a small number of practices will be affected and enough doses will be dispatched (on a structured roll-out) to ensure everybody who requires a vaccine will get one. 7.8 million doses have been manufactured and previous take-up in over 65’s is on average 7.5 million.

GPC clinical and prescribing lead Dr Andrew Green has stated “What is clear is that if providers cannot immunize over 65-year-old patients with FLUAD for whatever reason then they must direct patients to alternative providers. Giving a less effective vaccine to a patient when alternatives exist would be clinically and ethically unacceptable, and any resulting complaints would be indefensible.”

Therefore, based on the above, it is essential practices identify their over 65’s and ensure they receive only the FLUAD vaccine and not any alternative seasonal flu vaccine.

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