Flu dial-in

Thursday 9th Sep 2021


Many of you have been asking for this service already, we know you want to be as prepared for your flu season as soon as possible so our best-selling seasonal flu remove dial-in service can be booked from mid-August 2021 onwards. If there are any subsequent changes to eligibility we will arrange a further dial-in to catch any newly eligible patients.

Patient’s automatically extracted (who previously needed coding as ‘needs seasonal flu vaccine’) include pregnant patients , healthcare workers and those living in immunosuppressed household - it is important to ensure you code these patients appropriately otherwise they will not automatically be claimed for - however part 2 of our service will identify these patients to ensure you claim for them.

This is a 2-part service; it includes:

· Identify ALL eligible patients for you to target (part 1) · Ensure you understand which patients fall outside the main eligibility categories and how you need to code them for vaccines/claims? (part 1) · Give you piece of mind you are claiming for all the vaccines you administer - automated claims do not catch those incorrectly coded or those not eligible (part 2)

With each vaccine worth approximately £17 you need to do all you can to maximise your income and ensure you get paid for the vaccines you administer. It is so easy to miss claims - patients who move away/deceased, patient’s no longer pregnant to name but a few are often not claimed for

Part ONE (from mid-August) - Install and run searches to identify eligible patients - we will also identify patients who had a flu vaccine elsewhere last year (so you can target them with a direct recall) as well as patients who are newly eligible this year

- Leave you with patient lists so you can easily target them

- Leave you with the searches so you can update and continue to send invites to those who don’t attend

Part TWO (January/February) Full validation of all flu searches - to maximise your claims for enhanced services (CQRS) and FP34D’s - as well as data quality searches to identify patients incorrectly coded or patient’s not eligible. You can then submit a manual claim.

For many this service will pay for itself by identifying missed claims, for others it is a small price to pay for the reassurance they are being accurately paid for the work they have done.

Cost for this 2-part service is only £210 inc VAT and can be ordered on our website - https://www.insightsol.co.uk/products/qof-enhanced-services/

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