Flu claims just got complicated …

Monday 4th Jan 2021

On a ‘normal’ year, validating your flu claims can be complicated enough. Are you claiming for all the flu vaccines you purchased (FP34D), have they all been coded correctly for your automated claims on CQRS or are you missing any claims? This year, we add in another complication - are the additional centrally supplied vaccines going to be automated or manual claims and how do you differentiate them?

Insight’s remote dial-in flu validation service includes:

  • A full validation of all flu searches - to ensure all claims have been made via CQRS and FP4D’s
  • Data Quality Searches - to ensure the correct codes have been recorded for all vaccines including those patients not included in eligible groups (automated claims)
  • Identification of flu vaccines for patients not in eligible groups with a clear plan on how to ensure you are correctly paid (CQRS & FP34D)
  • Identification of all centrally supplied flu vaccines - to ensure you do not claim an FP34D but do claim via CQRS

Following the dial-in, we will feedback your results with a clear plan of action to ensure you are paid accurately for the flu vaccines you have purchased and the work you have carried out.

Cost for this service is only £75 + VAT - to order, go to


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