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Enhanced Services & CQRS - webinars/seminars

Tuesday 1st Oct 2019

This year there seems to be an increased demand for the above. It may be there are lots of new staff now responsible for validating CQRS claims, we know may practices still just assume the data extracted is correct and do not check their claims and there remains much confusion with all changes to DOB ranges, etc, so practices struggle knowing who their target patients for each service are. As a result, we are planning to run the following:

  • Enhanced Service Overview
  • CQRS Overview - understanding the content and how to use it

The above will be run as two separate webinars or one half-day locality-based seminar.

If this is something you would be interested in, we are seeking expressions of interest. Please indicate whether you would prefer a webinar(s) or seminar or if you want to discuss this in further detail please contact us for more information.

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