Enhanced Service (DES/LES/FP34D) Monthly Claims Validation Service

Friday 13th May 2022

Employ a Primary Care IT expert to manage your monthly DES/LES/FP34D claims and take the stress out of this task with peace of mind you have got everything covered - at the start of each month, we will dial into your system and claim/validate last month’s enhanced services for a whole year from only £100 + VAT per month.

- Monthly remote dial-in DES (CQRS) & FP34D claims & annual forecast to identify target patients for recall - £1,200 per annum (Monthly payment options available)

- Above DES claims + LES claims - £2,000 per annum (Monthly payment options available)

Claims will be validated/submitted via CQRS, FP34D claims will be monthly count so you can validate scripts where appropriate. Costs above exclude VAT.

We know so many practices struggle with their monthly claims - only one person in the practice is trained to carry out this task, they are on holiday or sick leave and this leaves you very vulnerable in terms of validating your claims and puts a lot of stress on those who have to pick it up having not received appropriate training. Many practices have no choice but to leave it to chance, assuming GPES will always extract the right data - each month promising to get someone trained before the end of next month but workload demand means this never happens. This service also includes an enhanced service forecast to identify all target patients.

For more information or to order this service, please contact Laura or Fiona for more information.

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