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EMIS WEB - Flu Pop-Ups

Thursday 4th Oct 2018

For practices using Emis Web, do you have a policy for staff to use the pop-up as a determining factor for whether a flu vaccine is appropriate? If so, one of the triggers for the Flu alert is "lives in residential institution" - which includes any of these codes:

 lives in a nursing home - 13F61

 lives in a residential home - 13FK

 lives in a care home - 13FX

 lives in an old peoples home - 13F72 / 13FT

But it will only look for codes added in the last calendar year. If the date is greater than a year the pop-up will not be displayed.

BMI>40 alerts will run regardless of the date the BMI was added, however, the date range for BMI.40 added is 3 years from the contract

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