Don’t be fooled by QOF Indicators being income protected in 2020/21 …

Wednesday 3rd Mar 2021

Yes, many of the indicators are income protected - but most of them are also prevalence weighted. So if you’ve not validated your registers this year, you will achieve the points automatically but if your prevalence is not accurate, they will be paid at a lower value.

You can only ensure you get paid accurately if you validate your registers.

Insight’s team of experts can carry out a QOF Prevalence Health Check - the service is a fixed fee (and not based on a % of missed income identified) and it comes with a full 100% money-back guarantee. If we do not find you the potential to increase your income by more than the cost of the service you do not pay a penny.

Our service will identify only patients with a high probability of being missed off a register. We have a full feedback session with relevant members of the team and each patient list clearly details all actions with appropriate codes needed to improve data quality issues and improve prevalence.

There are a few QOF indicators you still have to achieve, mainly medication indicators. Ensure you know which indicators these are so you can ensure you hit your targets for maximum QOF points. Our QOF Priorities Toolkit is available again this year to help quickly identify areas outstanding as well as number of patients you need to review each week/month to achieve maximum targets.

For more information on either of the above services contact

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