Document Management

Tuesday 3rd May 2022

We do not know a practice currently who isn’t buried under a mountain of paperwork - the backlog of documents in most practices is vast and a major concern to so many of you. As a result, we have been inundated over the last few months with requests for help to reduce your backlog and help you get back on track.

We can process your scanned letters - code, file or forward for further action - for approximately £1.50 per document. Our fully-trained experts can file/code between 150-250 documents per day (depending on your clinical system).

Service available for:


Emis Web/Emis Web Scanning

SystmOne/SystmOne Scanning



Full-day (8 hours) - £220 + VAT

Half-day (4 hours) - £120 + VAT

The back-log is causing much concern to many practices; letters not coded and filed in patient records can have an impact on patient care and it can seriously affect staff morale. This service is performed remotely so you do not need to accommodate us within the practice, all you have to do is watch your huge number of unprocessed documents get less and less! For more information please contact Fiona -

We can also offer a full Workflow/Document Management training programme for new and existing members of staff - to improve their knowledge and confidence around coding & filing documents. We know there is a huge shortage of clinicians currently and this is one area you can help empower your admin team to reduce clinical workload.

For more information on our workflow training programmes, please contact us on

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