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Thursday 1st Nov 2018

Hi, I’m Tina. Today I visited one of my regular sites (I work with this site one day per month). They have a number of tasks they need me to do plus I advise them on other tasks that need completing depending on time of year/month, etc. So this is what I got up to today -

1. Practice were struggling with a backlog of workflow which is due in part to the practice not summarising patient records on registration - many practices rely on the previous practice having accurately coded diagnoses but we all know that isn’t always the case - I identified the practice have approx. 85 new registrations per month so I produced a workflow v cost analysis based on data quality around the new registrations, identified how many patients were missing off registers due to inconsistencies in coding by the previous practice plus the income the practice would miss out on because of these inconsistencies. I then presented this back to the practice manager.

2. Changed Emis alerts to end of year.

3. Set up flu invite searches - split searches into the correct age ranges and whether invite can be via email or MJOG and explained the need to only recall based on the number of vaccines available for over 65s to the admin team. I then set up flu alert for patients with LD eligible and coded all LD patients and carers, where appropriate, with the 9OX4 code to assist with the automatic extractions via CQRS.

4. Set up searches to identify patients eligible for HepA booster - patients who had their first vaccine but never came back for the 2nd. It is important the patient completes their dose but it is also claimable on FP34D.

5. QOF recalls - added a folder under each disease area called 3 invites sent - still not reviewed; this will find patients who have had 3 invites but can be chased up to fill gaps within nursing clinics.

6. Pre-diabetics - updated searches to mirror QOF recalls; search set to identify patients on the pre-diabetic register, patients not had HbA1c last 12 months (these can be recalled via email, MJOG or letter). These patients were not identified in Emis so created a protocol & concept to add an alert into the Emis box.

7. Completed the ‘QOF Work Still To Do’ spread sheet - this shows the new recall system we previously set up is working much better than previous years as the practice have already achieved half of the annual QOF points available. I highlighted a few of the high priority QOF indicators we would recommend looking at.

8. Tweaked the diabetic recall searches as requested by the practice nurse.

9. Tweaked invite searches for patients included in a clinical trial to ensure staff do not have to check each patient record prior to sending out.

10. Created an alert for patients at risk who are eligible for a pneumococcal vaccination to allow practice nurses to opportunistically vaccination patients.

11. Identified patients referred for advice and guidance and corrected the read coding around this.

12. Validated the practices flu vaccination searches to ensure these are correctly claimed for.

Very busy but productive day - this will keep the practice busy until I return. I am happy I have left the practice in a really good place - until next month ...

Tina, Primary Care IT Consultant

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