COVID-19 National Testing: Flowing results to GP records

Friday 3rd Jul 2020

PCR swab testing is now routinely available to members of the public by visiting or calling 119. Test results will soon be sent to GP records. Within weeks, when a patient receives their test result this will also be sent to GP systems and appear in the patient’s record as a laboratory test result. Results from tests previously undertaken through the same route will also shortly be sent to GP systems – with the exception of a small number of cases where there was insufficient information to identify the patient’s NHS number.

The test results will have the requesting GP as G9999981 and requesting GP Surname of COVIDpillar2; this will ensure they are clearly distinguishable from other test results. Bulk upload of test results into GP records will take place without any manual patient by patient process. GP practices will shortly receive further guidance by their own system supplier about how this will work in their own system of choice, as well as details on how results will be filed in the system. There will be no action required from the practice on receipt of these results.

In particular:

• There will be no need to communicate results to patients, these will have already been sent to them by text and email;

• No clinical action will be necessary, patients will have also received links to national guidance in their text and email, such as requirements on isolation or what to do if symptoms worsen;

• The results will not need to be notified to Public Health England under the notifiable diseases requirements, as this will have already been done.

Results from the test will be communicated as one of the following three options: negative, positive or unclear. They will appear in patients’ records as “SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) RNA (ribonucleic acid) detection result negative / positive / unknown”. When a result is “unknown” it means this was unclear and the patient will be advised to be tested again through the original route they use to request a test.

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