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Apprenticeships in general practice

Tuesday 1st Jan 2019

Did you know we offer a FREE OF CHARGE recruitment service for apprenticeships? If you are thinking of employing an apprentice NOW is the best time to place your advert - young people have finished school, they are about to receive their exam results and for many of them, further school education or university is not for them. They are keen to start earning a bit of money and start looking for a career - what could be better than a career in the NHS?

An apprenticeship in general practice offers young people a fantastic start, it can open so many doors for them and give them so many opportunities. We offer apprenticeships in the following:

• IT Level 3 Diploma

• Customer Service

• Business Administration

• Team Leader

The above can also be offered to existing members of staff - do you have staff members with little/no formal qualifications who you want to recognise their valuable contribution by offering them the chance to gain a recognise qualification? These can be offered to staff in specific locations who work 30+ hours per week.

For more information on any of the above please contact Julie on 01527 557407 or email Julie@insightsol.co.uk

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