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Apprenticeships and qualifications for existing members of staff

Friday 6th Dec 2019

Could an apprentice be the answer to your current vacancy problems?

Do you have existing members of staff who you would like to up-skill and give them a nationally recognised qualification?

We offer the following qualifications?

  • Customer Service Level 3 Qualification
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3 Qualification
  • Business Administration Level 3 Qualification
  • IT User Level 3 Qualification
  • HR Support Level 3 Qualification
  • ILM Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 Qualification
  • ILM Operations/Department Manager Level 5 Qualification
  • Retail Team Leader Level 3 Qualification
  • Retail Manager Level 4 Qualification

Regardless of whether we are working with a new or existing member of staff, all the training is completed on-site.

Eligibility criteria does exist but if you are looking for a new apprentice to enhance your team or to up-skill existing members of staff, please email Julie (Julie@insightsol.co.uk) or Lewis (lewis@insightsol.co.uk) or call them on 01527 557407 for more information.

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