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SNOMED Overview Webinars - 12th July 2018

Date: Thursday 12th Jul 2018 | Start Time: 11 a.m. | End Time: noon

SNOMED Overview Webinars - What should we expect?

With SNOMED just around the corner, we feel the time is now right to run some overview webinars. Content of the webinar listed below, these are overview webinars and are not clinical system specific (although we do include clinical system information where it is available) -

o What is SNOMED?
o Why is it changing?
o How is it built?
o Concepts & Descriptions
o Relationships
o Structure
o Hierarchies
o Roll-Out Plans/Timetable
o What will change?
o Remapping
o Inactive Codes
o How will this affect users?
o Preparation & Resources

Cost of the webinar is £50+VAT (£60), this is per log on. Please note places will be reserved for your chosen webinar and once payment is received places will be confirmed.

Handouts and joining instructions will be emailed to all confirmed bookings approx 2 days before the event.

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